Amazing Ways AI Is Revolutionizing the Mobile & Video Game Industry in 2020

We know that with the introduction of Fortnite by Epic Games, the gaming industry had gained not just a globally acclaimed game but the developers contributed in a big way by building a brand-new virtual space to socialize. Sony came up with PlayStation VR. The company was responsible for releasing the first-ever mass-market console allowing players to enjoy the ultimate experience of high-definition virtual reality right from the comfort and privacy of their living rooms.

We have come across numerous instances of radical changes taking place in the global gaming industry during the last two decades or so. We have ultimately reached the conclusion that with the advancement in technology, the gaming industry advances and evolves along with it. In this context, take, for instance, online pokies listed over here, that are supposed to be a lot of excitement and fun. It is incredibly thrilling to win big. Today, casinos are rated depending on the specific payout rating of all their slot machines. Moreover, they are rated depending on if they are having progressive jackpots. The noise and the lights help in creating a pulsating and exciting environment.

We know that the next path-breaking evolution in gaming would be coming from artificial intelligence or AI which is regarded as the most revolutionary technology. Let us explore how AI in 2020, is bringing about radical changes in the overall gaming industry and the way it would be impacting the industry in the future.

Defining Artificial Intelligence or AI

AI is referred to as the simulation or replication of human intelligence specifically by machines. By identifying precise patterns in humungous volumes of data, you could train machines to learn from sheer experience and even go on to perform certain human-like activities.

Role of Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality

Today, we are having backlit whole new 3D game consoles and even cell phones that are capable of running augmented reality games, as well as mobile apps. With just a few taps on your screen, you could alter the colors of everything around you and create a whole new world called the augmented world via the screens of various mobile devices. Nothing could have been possible without Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

Significance of Computer Vision

Computer Vision is that part of AI that is striving to give machines the capability of seeing the world the same way as human beings do and to respond to that visual information aptly. Machines have been taught to recognize and even distinguish between different human faces via facial recognition technology. We must realize that with this ground-breaking technology, computers are capable of scanning your faces and using your likeness while creating in-game avatars.

Artificial Intelligence in the World of Games Today

While playing a video game, you would interact with AI for sure. Currently, there are 2 key components or modules to game AI.

·   Pathfinding is being utilized in practically all games. AI here is effective in plotting the shortest route or distance between two specific points. For instance, the ghosts present in ‘Pac-Mac’, are known to use pathfinding for deciding precisely which direction to head for.

·     Finite state machines allow designers to define complicated behaviors. It fuels NPCs in various games in open-world role-playing games such as ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ or ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’.

The above-discussed methods have been in use during the 1980s and 1990s.  Even today, game developers are using them in the same fashion and nothing seemed to have changed over the years in this perspective. However, since processing power has been greatly enhanced, game developers have made them appear far more acceptable but we know that the basic concepts and the fundamental principles have remained the same.

Some Amazing Benefits of AI in Gaming

  • AI has been instrumental in speeding up the entire process that involves building levels and crafting open-world environments.
  • AI helps in customizing or personalizing your gaming experience. Games could be taught about precisely what individual players prefer or do not prefer and accordingly adapt and modify things to best suit them.
  • AI has the potential to infuse self-learning characters seamlessly into the magical mix.

Use of Synthetic Voices to Pep up Video Games

In the world of video gaming, synthetic voices technology could be implemented for generating voice acting to cater to in-game dialogue. Firms like Lyrebird and Replica Studios have already started developing effective synthetic voice technologies that could be downloaded and tried now. Thanks to this ground-breaking technology, game developers could just focus on typing in the relevant dialogue text, choose a suitable emotion for the scene and end up generating an audio clip that has the specific dialogue successfully vocalized.


We are aware that AI-fueled automation could prove to be a potential risk to employment rates of humans; however, you simply cannot undermine or ignore the immense good that could come from this amazing technology. As the video gaming industry is all set to enter and enjoy an era of synthetic media and augmentation, it must do so with a clear and open mind.

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