The Rise and Expansion of Artificial Intelligence in Online Gambling

Technology has always been at the frontline of radical ideas in various industries. Technology, while showcasing progressive growth and development, has also paved the way for advanced trends such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Since the invention of artificial intelligence (AI ) and machine learning, these have become an integral part of almost every technological evolution we see today. Moreover, in almost every field that has anything to do with the internet and/or technology, AI is now being used to bring more life. AI has found widespread use in our daily lives. This also includes the online gambling industry, with a lot of online gambling. Online casinos have been implementing AI into their games and services to provide for a better gaming experience to the players. You can have a taste of the magic of online casino games by playing Winissimo live roulette game. Now, let us look further into the use of AI in online casinos.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is the act of integrating an intelligence system in machines, such that the machines can think and make certain decisions on their own. The idea is to create devices that can learn from their environments and take actions, usually for the benefit of human beings.

AI in Online Gambling

The use of AI in casino games is very practical today, with many companies using this technology to integrate intelligence behaviour, commonly referred to as human-like intelligence, in on-screen characters of their games. Some of the areas the casino industry is making use of or can make use of AI include CRM, marketing automation, voice recognition, facial recognition, fraud detection, sentiment analysis, predictive asset maintenance, etc. AI has made possible the concept of smart data by collecting and analyzing data to give accurate predictions.

Particular Uses of AI in the development of Casino games

The use of AI in online gambling is unlimited.

Avoid Cheating – Many big casinos are using AI-powered slot machines in their online casinos to minimize the chances of cheating and facilitate a fair gaming trend. 

Use in slots – In a slots game, you are usually playing against a computer or automated system. These systems are now being replaced by AI, which will be able to determine the player’s behaviour and take actions accordingly.

Player Database –  AI helps in collecting and analyzing player data which enables the casinos to provide the players with a customized gaming experience or offers they can never refuse.

Customer Support – AI-backed live chat bots or customer support via email and chat makes for an effective and faster communicative medium. AI also helps with Natural Language Processing or NLP that can be used for sentiment analysis of players not only for better user experience but also for personalised customer support.

Identifying valuable customers via machine learning – Machine learning, a subset of AI can understand or analyze different data to provide a list of valuable customers.

Recognizing a problematic player – This is a rather complex technique especially for online casinos. AI is an ideal solution to address this problem. Yet again player database and behavioural analytics come into picture where the system can effectively take out such players.

Increasing traffic – Every player is different, likewise, the campaigns that work for one player may not work for the other. AI and ML greatly help by delivering player-specific campaigns for generating traffic.

So, what could the future hold for online gambling?

Online games were one of the main target areas for the implementation of AI. Therefore, it will only be fair to say that AI is going to become, if not already, a very important part of online casinos and games. As you may see, major casino websites have already started using this technology to empower their games. AI is undoubtedly influencing and changing lives for the better.

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